NT adventures are for special occasions, when we find time (and money) to meet up for some critical-density nuttiness. This unfortunately means that we are only to meet up on a select few occasions each year (and our list of adventures testifies). Fear not, however, as we still get up to plenty of nuttiness on our own! The Aleph adventures are a special section of the website, dedicated to such solo adventures. And if you hadn't guessed from the name of this page, there are a lot of these adventures! Therefore, this list is unlikely to ever be complete. However, these will hopefully include some of our more interesting adventures, as opposed to our run-of-the-mill ones: Matthew finding 3000 different detours around London because he was too impatient to wait 3 minutes for the Circle line, and James watching his fellow residents of Camborne take various drugs. Enjoy this bonus nuttiness!